Class 1 calibrator

Measuring device reliable and accurate with a touch screen that allows to visualize and configure in real time the noise emission measurements on light vehicles, trucks and 2 wheels.

Manual mode including a guidance of the different protocols for the realization of the measurements. They can also be automatically controlled by USC-C or Bluetooth from the CAPELEC application. The product can be connected to the CAP3600 series.

  • Adjustable
  • Touch screen
  • Memory with CSV files
  • Backerase
  • USB-C, Bluetooth and WIFI connexion
  • Unique measurement range


Dimensions 292 x 85 x 25

Type 1/2 Condenser microphone

Polarisation 200 V

Nominal capacity 20 pF

Nominal sensitivity 43.5 V/PA

Range 24 à 137 dB (Poids. A)

Resolution 0.1 dB

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