EOBD scantool LCD screen
CAP4120 / CAP4150

Light and heavy goods vehicles

CAP4120 and CAP4150 EOBD (European On Board Diagnosis) scantools detect engine faults and failures. They enable ECU data codes to be read by connecting with the on-board ECUs .

The OBD diagnostic tools can be connected to light vehicles (CAP4120) and to heavy goods vehicles (CAP4150).

  • Easy to use
  • LCD screen
  • Access to some ECU data (rpm, speed, oil temperature...)
  • Fast connexion
  • Stored fault codes
  • Transmission Bluetooth
  • OTC lan communication protocol

Gasoline & diesel motors


CAP4120 / CAP4150

Power supply 12 / 24 DC

Multi-protocoles : ISO 9141-2 5-Baud
ISO 9141-2 Fast
ISO/DIS 14230-4 (Keyword 2000 protocol) 5-Baud
ISO/DIS 14230-4 (Keyword 2000 protocol) Fast
ISO/DIS 11519-4 (SAE J1850) PWM
ISO/DIS 11519-4 (SAE J1850) VPW
ISO/DIS 15765-4 (CAN)
SAE J1939 (WWH)

CAP4120 / CAP4150

CAP1000-IMPRS Thermal printer (wire)

CAP1000-IMPBT Thermal printer (wireless)

PRO02386 Protective cover

CAP4120-ADI Printer connexion


OBD CAP4120 scanner Reading ECU data codes for light vehicles

OBD CAP4150 scanner Reading ECU data codes of light and HGV vehicles

PV N° 06/09215/B
PV N° 06/09216/B
PV N° 07/03451/B

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