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Behind industrial imperatives, two constants, innovation and compliance with regulations

Robotic headlamp testers, reinforced brake testers, EOBD readers, automatic door pressure testers, taximeter tester, gas and smoke testers : all are designed to bring productivity and user safety.

Road transportation

Road transportation

Truck and bus operators must ensure that the fleet is safe and available, while complying with existing regulations. The combination of efficiency, safety and eco-responsibility.

Trams and trains

On-board solutions are available for rail-based assemblies. They can be used to test braking forces or door closing pressures. They can also install fixed equipment to align the headlights.

Military vehicles

For these vehicles, safety devices such as braking or lighting can be inspected using mobile equipment. Emissions are checked by standalone gas and smoke testers.

Capelec All equipment

All equipment


Discover all the inspection and measurement equipment for truck workshops: buses, trams, military vehicles and construction equipment.

Emission testing

Headlight testers

Brake testers

EOBD readers

ALL Equipement


The quality system is both demanding (ISO 9001) and efficient. An end-of-line verification system checks and validates the process.


Close to the users, the network of qualified service providers ensures preventive and daily maintenance. If necessary, it is supported by the team of hotliner experts.

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