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Supporting tomorrow's mobility

Innovation & anticipation

For more than 30 years, Capelec has been providing mobility professionals with accurate and innovative equipment.

The company supports tomorrow's mobility by placing innovation at the heart of its missions.

It anticipates changes, imagines and designs leading edge solutions, and puts its expertise at the service of the technologies of the future: lighting, gas emission and brake testers.

Capelec is an active member of major international organisations and participates in conferences and investigation focused on mobility.




Missions & Commitment

Contributing to the improvement of air quality and road safety are daily challenges. The range make it possible to reconcile transport and respect for the environment.

Sustainable development is mainstay and commitment: participating in patronage for the preservation of local flora, encouraging public transport and limiting the production of waste.


Capelec is committed to providing products and services complying with high standards and regulatory requirements.It ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Capelec certification

Design & production

Made in France  

Capelec designs and manufactures all the equipment, in the Montpellier facility. Innovations and updates can be tested, evaluated and deployed.

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