Particle counter

Engine exhaust particle measuring

NMi approved METAS approved

Reliable - Certified results
Ergonomic - Fast
Clean - Low fouling - Low maintenance
Durable over time

CAP3070 is an exhaust particle tester based on Ext DC (Extended Diffusion Charging) technology.

It interfaces with the whole range of CAPELEC emission equipment : gas analyser and opacimeter modules. It can also be operated autonomously on Windows.

  • New Technology free of soot clogging
  • Low maintenance
  • New field of precision and sensitivity
  • No operation fluids required
  • Insensitive to vibrations & chocks
  • Easy to use
  • short (1m) or long (4m) heated probe (100°C)


Capelec Particle Counter

Discover how to use the Capelec Particle Counter :

CAP3070 - Easy & fast Particle Measurement


After several years of research and specification within a European working group, Capelec has developed an innovative engine exhaust particle tester.

CAP3070PN uses a new technology without soot clogging, requiring little maintenance.

As well adapted to the needs of PTI as to the world of Repair, it opens a new field thanks to a new technology.

  • The particle number measurement is based on the detection of nanoparticles, from nanometer to 1 micron.
  • The wide dynamic measurement range ensures high measurement sensitivity and fast response time.
  • The soot-free technology requires little maintenance and allows continuous operation.
  • This new measuring cell complies with the European requirements for gas emissions.
  • The PASS/FAIL result is unambiguous.

ExtDC Advanced Diffusion Charging,
A new, accurate and sensitive technology

CAP3070 is an exhaust particle counter (PN) using Extended Diffusion Charging (ExtDC) measurement technology.

The counter works by electrostatically charging particles that pass through the sensor, then measuring the current caused by the charged particles leaving the sensor.

Extended Diffusion Charging technology offers obvious advantages:

  • no operating liquid is required
  • Insensitive to vibrations
  • independent of position during measurement
  • no dilution
  • no need for compressed air.


Measuring range 5 000 to 5 000 000 particles/cm3

Resolution of indication 1000 particles/cm3

Response time < 10s (T0 to T95)

Power supply 230 V


CAP4350 EOBD module

CAP8533 Vibration tachometer, RPM

New opportunities for garages : a fast use requiring little maintenance

The CAP3070 measures the particles without expensive maintenance for the user nor expensive consumables. The measurement is done at idle, without the need for free acceleration, polluting, noisy and stressful for both engines and operators.

Straight-through design keeps the sensor clean for extended run time.

Performed in less than 30 seconds, the procedure gives a clear indication of the condition of the filters: in good condition, cracked, or manipulated.

The use of the CAP3070 is simple and intuitive as it can be controlled from any terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone) under Windows.

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