Mobile tablet smoke meter
CAP3500 O

Inspection | Repair

Used in workshops and garages, the CAP3500 O is a new generation lightweight opacimeter.

The opacity cell comes with a tablet and a case, it is mobile, ergonomic and easy to use.

  • Tablet interface
  • Wireless modules : EOBD, RPM
  • Compact case

Tablet interface

Diesel motors


The CAP3500-O opacimeter is powerful and compact. Approved and accurate, it analyses exhaust smoke emissions from diesel combustion engines : cars, trucks, campervans, tractors, forklifts and industrial vehicles.

Developed for workshops and garages, it is ergonomic and transportable thanks to the tablet and the light opacity cell. It can be used to carry out a measurement after repair, as well as a pre-inspection testing.

The collected data can be used, stored or edited.

You can upgrade it with Capelec gas analyser module to obtain a Combined petrol and diesel emission analyser.

Combiné multigaz opacimetre pour atelier

for petrol, GPL

Reset Auto reset

Calibration Automatic

Power supply 230V

Measurement and transmission

CAP8533 Vibration tachometer, RPM

CAP8520 Battery tachometer, RPM

CAP1330 IR remote temperature probe

CAP1220/1221 RS232 converter to Bluetooth

Smoke meter connection

CAP3030ZEZ1 Smoke collector

PRO3030ZE50 Direct sampling extension


Control of regulatory pollution thresholds: Diesel


Control of engine smoke emission thresholds


ISO 11614
NFR 10025-2016

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You have a project ?

Capelec supports you in implementing your center and provides you with fully equipped test lanes: : gas analyzer and smokemeter, EOBD reader, tachometer, brake, suspension and side slip testers, and headlight tester.



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