HGV play detector

HGV steering and suspension

The Capelec CAP9200-PEH hydraulic play detector for Heavy Goods vehicles allow to carry out the visual control of the direction, the pivots, the bearings, the articulations and various attachments, and to highlight oil leaks and weaknesses of bellows and cardan shafts.

Trucks, buses and LCVs with a weight of more than 4 t / axle weight less than 20 t can be tested. The plates are installed on both sides of a pit (including the civil engineering frame). The visual inspection is carried out by means of movements that reproduce the forces exerted on the road.

  • Efficient and quick checking
  • Simple and effortless operation by only 1 person
  • 5 possible movements
  • No lifting of the vehicle
  • Remote control

HGV play detector

Maximum axle load : 20 tons / 10 tons

Maximum working pressure : 180 bar

Maximum horizontal force/plate : 30 KN

Movement speed : 70 mn/sec

Operation : Electro-hydraulic

Periodical technical inspection & workshops

Play detector Control of clearances that may alter ground connections

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