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Before & After report

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Developed for car repair workshops and garages, the CAP3600 WORKSHOP emission tester expert facilitates the investigation of the conformity of engines (petrol and diesel). With its PC and functional base, it is precise, ergonomic and mobile.

workshop headlight tester

  • Expert reports : technical & customer
  • Fast implementation
  • PC box, touch screen
  • Ergonomic totem
  • Wireless : EOBD, RPM
  • PSA approval


Gasoline & diesel motors

PC interface

Expert report

Precise and ergonomic, the CAP3600 WORKSHOP can be used in the car repair shop to carry out a combustion diagnosis or a technical inspection pre-check.

  • Multi-gas analyser: it is deployed for the analysis of exhaust gases
  • Opacimeter: it is used for the control of smoke emitted by diesel engines.

4 gas concentration :
- Hydrocarbon (HC)
- Oxygen (O2)
- Carbon monoxide (CO)
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

This generation benefits from advanced connectivity and a modular design, facilitating updates and new developments.

Before and After Report
In just a few minutes, the diagnosis is carried out and is presented in a detailed report. It exists in two versions: a technical version for the mechanic, and another for the driver which gives the state of the vehicle after servicing.

The results of the measurements (e.g. car, lorry, two-wheeler, camper, tractor, forklift or industrial vehicle) are certified by a laboratory.

Car repair gas analyser and opacimeter expert tester CAPELEC

for petrol, GPL

Dual mode Diagnostic
Vehicle inspection PTI

Concentration measurement - Hydrocarbon (HC) - Oxygen (O2) - Carbon monoxide (CO) - Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Operation temperature -10°C to 55 °C

Response time < 5 seconds

Atmospheric pressure 750 mBar to 1 150 mBar

Lambda rate 0 to 9,99

for diesel

Reset Auto reset

Calibration Automatic

Power supply 230V

videos CAP3600

Discover in video the CAP3600 CAP3500 Workshop combined emisson tester commissioning step by step, as well as its different modes of use.

CAP3600 CAP3500 Workshop | Commissioning

CAP3600 CAP3500 Workshop | Roadworthiness mode

CAP3600 CAP3500 Workshop | Free mode

CAP3600 CAP3500 Workshop | Expert mode


Opacimeter Smoke emissions inspection

Multi gas analyser Control of combustion quality
Compliance with regulatory thresholds


Opacimeter Control of engine smoke emission thresholds

Multigas analyser Checking compliance with gas emission thresholds


Gas analyser MID | 2014/32/UE
ISO 3930
BAR97 (bench)

Opacimeter ISO 11614

  • ECO ENTRETIEN (pre-installed software)

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