Expert electronic headlamp system
CAP2600 Workshop

Ground compensation

Expert test report

HBT CAP2600 Workshop expert headlight tester combines all the technologies to accurately analyze a vehicle's lighting (LED headlights, halogen, Xenon lights, AFS): high beam adjustment and low beam control.
The analysis is synthesized in a pre and post diagnosis report. It guarantees headlights conformity and improve driver’s safety.

workshop headlight tester

  • Pre-PTI diagnosis
  • Anywhere module : for ground compensation
  • Detailed before and after report
  • Embedded inclinometer
  • Integrated printer
  • Positioning assistance
  • Alignment laser
  • Communication ports : USB, RJ45, RS232, wifi
  • Lamps : LED, halogen, Xenon, Matrix headlamps




The CAP2600 series expert headlamp beamsetter is powerful and innovative. It offers numerous functions for precise alignment, positioning and measurement, anywhere in the workshop area.
phares AFS
Matrix technology compatibility:  
The calibration of anti-glare Matrix Led lights / GFHB (Glare free high beam) function is supported by an automatic or manual procedure depending on the manufacturer's procedure.
It optimizes the implementation and brings numerous functionalities. It supports left and right hand drive.
The image processing software handles all types of headlights: halogen, Xenon, LED, AFS.
The touch screen can be rotated and facilitates adjustments in the workshops. The battery offers a long autonomy and a fast recharge.
Compensation des irrégularités du sol
Multi zone use:  
Associated with Anywhere ground compensation module and an on-board inclinometer, the 3-wheel base makes it easy to move and measure throughout the workshop, allowing reliable and accurate measurements regardless of the condition and flatness of the ground.
rapport avant après intervention
Additional services through a detailed diagnosis
Before/After report; the headlight beam diagnosis is carried out in a didactic and clear report issued in just a few minutes. It also gives the repairer and driver an advanced report: is the lighting optimum? Dangerous for the driver or other vehicles? The A4 format printout can be saved, used or published.

CAP2600 Workshop HBT behaves like an Internet Box. Its implementation is easy and helped by a tutorial. You can therefore from a PC, a smart Phone through your favorite browser do all the necessary operations (transfer, archiving, printing ...).

Integrated printer
Brake set for wheel base

Reglophare camera expert CAP2600 workshop atelier MATRIX LED AFS


Poids 25kg

Dimensions 590 x 670 x 1 850 mm

Batterie Longue autonomie 10h, rechargement rapide

Mesures Rabattement
Intensité lumineuse

Ports de communication USB


Rabattement -6/+6 %

Latéral -10/+10 %

Yall angle -90/+90°

Roll angle -90/+90°

Intensité lumineuse Lux 0/200 lx
Candela 0/125 000 cd

Précision Lux 10%

videos CAP2600

Discover in video the commissioning steps of the headlamp tester CAP2600 Workshop, as well as a tutorial of use.

CAP2600 Workshop | Headlamp tester | Commissioning

CAP2600 Workshop | Headlamp tester | Use


Câble de liaison permanente : alimentation, transmission


CAP2500 OPTRAIL 1.5 Lot de rails metalliques | 1.50m | Acier galvanisé

Housse de protection | stockage

Miroir de mat | Alignement

Housse de protection utilisation extérieure


Reglophare Vérification de la géométrie de l'optique
Contrôle de l'intensité de l'ampoule
Réglage des feux de croisement, de route at antibrouillards
Calibration des feux à Matrix Led doté de la fonction anti éblouissement / GFHB (Glare free high beam)


Réglophare Vérification des réglages
Contrôle de la géométrie

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