Mechanical headlamp beamsetter

Connected & DVSA approved

The CAP2100 series mechanical headlamp beamsetter is simple and robust, it allows you to quickly control the adjustment of vehicle lighting.

The alignment laser guarantees a good positioning, while the Fresnel lens focuses the beam around a test pattern. Its pivoting and graduated column adapts to all sizes of vehicles.

  • Halogen, Xenon, LED compatibility
  • Graduated and swivel column of 1.80 aluminum
  • Rail guide system - 3 wheels base in option


Weight 25kg

Dimensions 590 x 670 x 1 850 mm

Measurements Cut-off


Cut-off Measuring range : +2 to -4%


PRO02209 Handle

PRO02860 Brake set for wheel base

PRO02294 Protection cover

PRO02938 Removable and adjustable mirror


Headlamp tester Control of the geometry of the optics
Control of the intensity of the bulb
Low beam, high beam and fog lights adjustment

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