Garage equipment

A wide range of models and variants for Garages

Workshop Gaz analyser


Pollution measure equipment

Exhaust emission testing

Our range is designed for garages : gas analysers and smoke meters ensure fast and supervised measurement. Thanks to their accuracy, they can carry out an expert analysis of combustion (petrol or diesel).

Combined units : gas analysers & smoke meters

Gas analysers

Smoke meters

Tachometers (RPM)

EOBD scantools

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Lighting measurement and MOT

Headlamp testing

Efficient and easy to use, the headlamp beamsetters are dedicated to garages and repair shops. At the forefront of innovation, the CCD Workshop versions are compatible with all types of headlamps (Halogen, Xenon, Led, AFS). They offer exclusive features: expert report, multi-zone use, administration connection.

Mechanical headlamp beamsetters

Electronic headlamp beamsetters

Full automatic headlamp beamsetters

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Capelec ground connections

Brake testers

Capelec roller brake testers are suitable for all civil frames. They are robust and easy to use thanks to their design and ergonomics : remote control, compact totem and large touch screen.

Class 4/7 Roller brake testers

HGV Roller brake testers

Class1/2 Roller brake testers

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Workshop exhaust full station


Workshop headlight tester



The quality system is both demanding (ISO 9001) and efficient. An end-of-line verification system checks and validates the process.


Close to the users, the network of qualified service providers ensures preventive and daily maintenance. If necessary, it is supported by the team of hotliner experts.

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