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diesel particle counter
diesel particle counter

Exhaust particle measurement

METAS NMI PTB certification

CAP3070 is an engine exhaust particle tester using a new and innovative technology : the Extended Diffusion Charging.

Economical because it does not require any consumables or maintenance, the CAP3070 guarantees reliable results and a simple and fast measurement.

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Ground connections
Ground connections

Brake Suspensions & side slip control

Adapted to all types of vehicles, Capelec brake testers ensure the control of the ground connections of cars, heavy goods vehicles, and 2 or 3 wheel vehicles.

Roller brake testers, suspensions and side slip testers, sold individually or in the form of multi-function equipment.

Compact and adjustable to all civil engineering, Capelec brake testers are provided with a large touch screen and a remote control.

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 Emissions testers
 Emissions testers

Emissions control & measurement

The new generation of Capelec multi-gas analysers and smokemeters are ergonomic, efficient and connected.

Available separately or in a combined version, they measure and control the exhaust gas and smoke produced by gasoline and diesel engines.

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Headlight testing
Headlight testing

Headlight testing & adjustment

Capelec headlight testers ensure precise testing and adjustment of all headlights in any situation, thanks to innovative functions such as ground irregularities compensation system.

The range is wide and covers all needs : connected or mechanical headlamp tester, rails or wheels base, with camera or fully automated.

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You have a project ?

Capelec supports you in implementing your center and provides you with fully equipped test lanes: : gas analyzer and smokemeter, EOBD reader, tachometer, brake, suspension and side slip testers, and headlight tester.

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