Connected EOBD scantool

Compliant OBFCM

All vehicles

Universal, compact and ergonomic, the CAP4350 EOBD diagnostic module integrates with the emissions measurement system. It automatically detects the protocol and can be used with or without an extension cord.

Compliant with the new European regulation (01-01-2023)

  • Universal, light and easy to handle
  • Cable-less or with extention cable operation
  • 100% compatible with the CAP4220 or CAP4250 protocol
  • Access to ECU measurements (rpm, speed, temperature...)
  • Saved trouble codes
  • Transmission: Bluetooth or Wifi
  • OTC lan secure data

Petrol & diesel emission



Power supply 12 / 24 DC

Multi-protocoles Multi-protocoles : ISO 9141-2 5-Baud
ISO 9141-2 Fast
ISO/DIS 14230-4 (Keyword 2000) 5-Baud
ISO/DIS 14230-4 (Keyword 2000) Fast
ISO/DIS 11519-4 (SAE J1850) PWM
ISO/DIS 11519-4 (SAE J1850) VPW
ISO/DIS 15765-4 (CAN)
SAE J1939 (WWH)

EOBD scantool

Extension cable
SAE J1939 socket


OBD reader Reading ECU codes of PSV and HGV

PV N° 06/09215/B
PV N° 06/09216/B
PV N° 07/03451/B

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