Blog OBFCM: transmission of new data becomes mandatory from 2023

OBFCM: transmission of new data becomes mandatory from 2023

The European Commission has made official the new OBFCM regulation that will concern more than 27 European countries, including France. It requires automotive manufacturers to produce new information on light vehicles released since January 2021.

The on-board computers in recent vehicles provide a number of data, which are used during the MOT test or in case of failure via OBD. The On Board Fuel Consumption Monitoring requires the monitoring of an additional data: the fuel consumption.

It will allow to quantify in real time two important aspects of the fleet (excluding EVs): the total fuel consumption and the total distance covered by a vehicle, during its first 15 years of operation.

The MOT networks will transmit this information during the mandatory emissions test. The transmission will require connected hardware and software capable of communicating to secure servers.

The objective of this environmental measure is to enable the European Environment Agency to monitor CO2 emissions from vehicles. The tests are now done in real conditions, and take into account the entire life of the vehicle. The measure should be effective in May 2023.

The storage and processing of this data will only be done with the individual consent of the driver. They will be governed by the General Data Protection Regulation - RGDP - which protects individuals and their personal data.

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