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DVSA new regulations about connected MOT Equipment


MOT connected equipment


From 1st May 2021, any MOT centres will now require connected emissions units.

DVSA Introduces Connected Emissions : exhaust gas analysers and diesel smoke meters will be able to connect directly to the MOT testing service to record MOT test results.
Test results will be automatically transferred without intervention from the tester.

MOT testing become faster and the operator avoid human entry errors.

Who the rules apply to

• Gas Analysers & Smoke Meters
• MOT centres who are :
• opening a new MOT centre
• reopening a closed MOT centre
• replacing emissions testing equipment
• changing ownership or authorised examiner
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How to connected equipment

You will have to install a software, register to the MOT testing service, and then ask for your personnal key to connect to equipment.
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Capelec connected equipment

Capelec MOT equipment are certified connected by approved by DVSA.
Make faster testing and avoid data entry errors by auto recording results with Capelec emission equipment.

connected gas analyser

Combined exhaust analyser
CAP3600 GO

Gas Analyser & Diesel Smoke Meter
Remote control
23" - 27'' touchscreen
Wireless connexion smokemeter
4 gas analyser : CO, CO2, HC, O2





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