Blog DVSA introduces MOT Connected Equipment

DVSA introduces MOT Connected Equipment


From October 2019, connected technology is introduced to the MOT as a new requirement. This means that equipment must be connected directly to the DVSA’s data base to instantly record test results and saved it, without human intervention.


Why connectivity ?

AWS connected equipment allows a consequent time saving by auto recording tests and results. Tests carried out are more accurate and connected equipment are complying to the latest vehicles technologies.


Connected MOT equipment advantages

Avoiding data entry errors
Connecting equipment directly to the MOT system reduce incorrectly entered results : the test results will be transferred automatically with no need for any action from the tester.

Saving MOT garages time
Make MOT Testing faster sending the result straight to the MOT system : Instead of a tester performing a test, recording the result and then entering it manually, Capelec connected equipment will recorded it instantly.

Improve the service
Vehicle technology is changing, MOT garages need to use equipment that is reliable and efficient : connected MOT equipment is up to date with the latest technology and match the most of modern vehicles.

DVSA MOT equipment

Capelec compliant equipment

Capelec's solutions are DVSA approved : as connected MOT equipment they are able to connect directly to the MOT testing service. Discover our connected range.

Connected exhaust emission equipment 

Connected brake tester 

Connected MOT decelerometer

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