HGV Roller brake tester

Trucks, buses, construction vehicles

As an integrated equipment, CAP9110 HGV roller brake tester is robust and effient.

Compact, it can be integrated into most of existing equipment. It is operated in ATF centers, garages and at HGV manufacturers. It control and measure the braking of road vehicles weighing more than 3,5 tons.

  • Compact and adaptable with most of existing civil work
  • Small footprint
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • High grip rollers
  • Twin-chain transmission
  • Progressive start
  • Roller stop
  • Touchscreen and remote control
  • Remote maintenance

PC based control system

Remote assistance



Connected MOT Equipment

The HGV CAP9110 MOT brake tester has a reinforced galvanized steel frame, protected against corrosion and allowing an intensive use of the tester. Its compact dimensions allow it to fit into all civil engineering, and its Capelec brake tester engine is resistant and designed to last over time.

Use and interface :
- simple and fast navigation
- a large touch screen mounted on a totem for small footprint
- the possibility to add a remote screen
- a remote control for more freedom of use
- remote support

The accompanying MOT procedure software guides the user in testing process.
It comes with a remote electrical cabinet for easy maintenance, and a CPU board designed and optimized by CAPELEC.

Capelec HGV Roller brake tester


Dimensions : 135 x 80 x 57 cm

Frame : galvanised steel

Maximum axle load : 20 tons

Motors : 11 kW

Roller speed : 2,5 km/h

Measuring range : 0-40 000 daN

Path : 80-280 cm

Rollers : Resistant and high grip aluminium epoxy

Power supply : 400V, 50Hz


Totem : compact and ergonomic support

Power supply : 230/400V, 50Hz

PC box : 27" touchscreen | OS WN

ATF centers

HGV Brake tester Control of the braking efficiencies of HGV vehicle


HGV Brake tester Measurement of vehicle braking

Manufacturers & Industries

HGV Brake tester Testing trucks and buses brake systems

HGV Brake tester

CAP9680-RF Free rollers set

CAP9680-RFB Blocked embedded free rollers

CAP91XX-OTRL 27" repeater screen

CAP9500EX Decelerometer

CAP9110-PED Bluetooth pedometer

CAP9110-FWD 4WD mode

HGV covering plates

Civil engineering adapters

CAP91XX-CGCS Without pit

CAP91XX-CGCF With pit

Adapters for installation on existing civil works


Guardrail in powder-coated steel

Side barrier 3m x 1.40m

Warning light for barrier

Secure remote control with emergency stop

Safety pack (no pit) : Side barrier | 2 sides | Attachment on plate
Warning lights
Emergency stop punch

Safety pack (with pit) : Side barrier | 2 sides | Attachment on plate
Warning lights
Emergency stop punch
Optical cells on gate


PRF NF EN 17003 (safety)




Two blocks With pit

One Block Without pit

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eparate or integrated in a full line, HGV equipment are intended for repair and MOT inspection of heavy goods vehicles, trucks and buses.



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