PSV play detector

Passengers cars play detector

CAP9200-LEH hydraulic pit mounted play detector is used for inspection of possible play in the ground connections: steering, pivots, bearings, joints and various attachments.

They also allow the detection of oil or liquid leaks and problems with bellows and cardan shafts without lifting the vehicle. Visual inspection is carried out by executing movements to reproduce the forces exerted on the road.

  • Efficient and quick checking
  • Simple and effortless operation by only 1 person
  • 5 possible movements
  • No vehicle lifting
  • Remote control

PSV play detector

Maximum axle load : 3 tons

Maximum working pressure : 150 bar

Maximum horizontal force/plate : 30 KN

Movement speed : 60 mn/sec

Operation : Electro-hydraulic

MOT centers & workshops

PSV play detector Control of clearances that may alter ground connections

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