Blog New connected EOBD scantool

New connected EOBD scantool


Compact and ergonomic, the CAP4350 series is a new generation of connected EOBD module. It will replace the CAP4220 and CAP4250 series that became out-of-date.


The CAP4350 incorporates the specifications and communication standards of the previous ones while making improvements such as compactness, optional use of a cable and LV/PL compatibility.

  • Light and easy to handle
  • Cable-free operation
  • 100% compatible with the CAP4220 or CAP4250 protocol
  • Access to ECU measurements (rpm, speed, temperature...)
  • Saved trouble codes
  • Transmission: Bluetooth or Wifi
  • OTC lan secure data
  • Petrol & diesel motors

New EOBD scantool CAP4350

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