LV+ suspensions tester

LV+ and HGV vehicles

The CAP9010 suspension tester is used to check the conformity or measure the axle damping from vehicle vibrations.

It is used to measure the efficiency of the suspensions of all extra large light vehicles over 3.5 T (4x4, camper vans...) and can also be adapted to heavy goods vehicles.

  • Large touchscreen and remote control
  • PTI procedure software
  • PhaseShift & EUSAMA testing
  • Wide table top with maximum centre-to-centre distance
  • Positioning stopper
  • Remote maintenance
  • Quiet and resistant dimmer

PC interface

LV+ suspensions tester

Dimensions : 292 x 43 x 28 cm

Frame : Galvanised steel

Frequency : 0-25Hz

Maximum axle load : 4 tons

Motors : 3 Kw

Test method : EUSAMA , PHASE SHIFT

Path : 80-280 cm

Power supply : 230/400V, 50Hz


Totem : compact and ergonomic support

Power supply : 230/400V, 50Hz

PC box : 22" touchscreen | OS WN

Software : S9010NC PTI procedure

Periodical technical inspection

Control of the damper and wheel suspension of the vehicle wheel

Car repair shops & workshops

Measure of the damper and wheel suspension of the vehicle

Manufacturers & Industries

Checking the proper functioning of the vehicle's wheel suspension



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