Roller brake tester LV

Light vehicles

Used in roadworthiness centers and workshops, the CAP9010 LV roller brake tester measure and control the braking system of light vehicles.

  • Compact and adaptable with most of existing civil work
  • Comfort of use : totem with PC box, touch screen and remote control
  • PTI software S9010
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Remote maintenance
  • Epoxy aluminium rollers
  • Soft starter (option)
  • 4WD mode
  • Exit assistance & roller stop (option)

PC interface

Remote assistance



The CAP9010 LV roller brake tester has a galvanized frame which ensures a good behaviour in aggressive environments: water, sand, salt... Thanks to its dimensions it adapts to the majority of the existing civil works : 232 x 69 x 28 cm.

Its interface is simple and easy to use: a touch screen on a space-saving totem pole, and a remote control.

Its aluminium rollers are 3 times lighter than steel rollers, making it easier to handle and do not oxidize. Their Epoxy coating guarantees the performance of the measurement whatever the weather. Finally, the Capelec brake tester motor is resistant and designed to last over time.

The PTI software guides the user in the measurement process. And remote control is possible thanks to a wireless screen and a remote control, for greater ease of use.
It comes with an electrical cabinet for easy maintenance and a CPU board designed and optimised by CAPELEC.

Capelec banc de freinage


Dimensions : 232 x 69 x 28 cm

Frame : galvanised steel

Maximum axle load : 4 tons

Motors : 3,7 Kw

Roller speed : 5 km/h

Measuring range : 0-750 daN

Path : 80-220 cm

Rollers : Resistant and high grip aluminium epoxy

Pedometer : wireless (Bluetooth)

Power supply : 230/400V, 50Hz


Totem : compact and ergonomic support

Power supply : 230/400V, 50Hz

PC box : touchscreen 22"| OS WN

Software : PTI procedure S9010NC

Periodical technical inspection

Brake tester Control of the conformity of the vehicle's brakes

Car repair shops & workshops

Brake tester Measurement of vehicle braking

Manufacturers & Industries

Brake tester Checking the correct operation of the vehicle brakes

Roller brake

CAP9000-RF Free rollers set

CAP9000-RFE Recessed free rollers set with epoxy protective cover

Série CAP9010 LV+ covering plates

CAP9000-TE Larger path set

PRO03017 4 wheels mobile basement

CAP9010-SST Progressive start

CAP9010-27N 27" screen

CAP9010-BLO Roller stop

CAP9500EX Decelerometer

CAP9010-PED Bluetooth pedometer

CAP9010-FWD 4WD mode

Civil engineering adapters

PRO03175 LV civil engineering adapter | release A
Dim 2350 x 360
Sorts : CAP9000, Maha, Actia Muller (old)

PRO03176 LV civil engineering adapter | release B
Dim 2350 x 180
Sorts : Actia Muller (current)



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