LV brake, suspensions & side slip tester

3 function brake tester

Light vehicles

Used in PTI centers and workshops, the CAP9010 roller brake tester is designed for light vehicles. It ensures the control of all ground connections. It is composed of a roller brake tester, a suspension tester and a side slip tester.

  • Braking, suspensions & side slip
  • Compact and adaptable with most of existing civil work
  • Productivity : totem with PC, touch screen and remote control
  • S9010 PTI testing process
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Remote maintenance
  • Epoxy rollers
  • Progressive start (option)
  • Roller stop (option)
  • 4WD mode | Reverse rotation (option)

PC interface

Brakes Suspension Side slip


Remote assistance

The VL CAP9010 brake tester is composed of 3 modules:

The brake tester: its galvanized frame ensures a good holding in aggressive environments: water, sand, salt .... And its aluminium rollers 3 times lighter than steel rollers facilitate its handling, and do not oxidize. Their Epoxy coating guarantees its performance whatever the weather. Finally, the engine of the Capelec brake tester is resistant and designed to last over time.

The suspension tester: its variator is quiet and resistant. Its wide plate with maximum center distance is a guarantee of productivity, as is the optimal measurement guaranteed by three strain gauges per plate. It has a stop that facilitates positioning. Finally, the PhaseShift and EUSAMA measurement technologies used by the Capelec suspension bench are accurate and universal.

The slip slip tester: it is short to allow the shortest vehicles with narrow center distances to be handled. The rear wheels do not rest on the slip plates during the braking test.

The Capelec multifunction brake tester comes with a remote electrical cabinet for easy maintenance and a CPU board designed and optimized by CAPELEC. Its dimensions enable it to fit into most existing civil works.

The PTI software guides the user in testing process.
And remote control is possible thanks to a wireless screen and a remote control, for greater user comfort.

Freinage Ripage Suspension VL CAP9010


Dimensions : 232 x 69 x 28 cm

Frame : galvanised steel

Maximum axle load : 4 tons

Motors : 3,7 Kw

Roller speed : 5 km/h

Measuring range : 0-750 daN

Path : 80-220 cm

Rollers : Resistant and high grip aluminium epoxy

Pedometer : wireless (Bluetooth)

Power supply : 230/400V, 50Hz


Dimensions : 232 x 43 x 28 cm

Frame : Galvanised steel

Frequency : 0-25Hz

Maximum axle load : 4 tons

Motors : 3 Kw

Test method : EUSAMA , PHASE SHIFT

Path : 80-220 cm

Power supply : 230/400V, 50Hz


Dimensions : 73 x 52 x 7 cm

Frame : galvanised steel

Measuring Range : 20/-20m/Km

Maximum axle load : 4 tons


Totem : compact and ergonomic support
small footprint

Power spply : 230/400V, 50Hz

PC box : 22" touchscreen | OS WN

Software : PTI procedure S9010NC

Periodical technical inspection

Brake tester Control of the vehicle's brakes conformity

Suspension tester Suspension testing of light vehicles

Side slip tester Testing of axle geometry conformity

Car repair & workshops

Brake tester Braking testing and measurement

Suspension tester Measure of the damper and wheel suspension of the vehicle wheel

Side slip tester Axle geometry conformity control

Manufacturers & Industries

Brake tester Testing LV braking systems

Suspension tester Checking the proper functioning of the vehicle's wheel suspension

Side slip tester Measure slippage of front and rear wheels

Roller brake tester

CAP9000-RF Free rollers set

CAP9000-RFE Recessed free rollers set with epoxy protective cover

Série CAP9010 LV covering plates

CAP9000-TE Larger path set

PRO03017 4 wheels mobile basement

CAP9010-SST Progressive start

CAP9010-27N 27" screen

CAP9010-BLO Roller stop

CAP9500EX Decelerometer

CAP9010-PED Bluetooth pedometer

CAP9010-FWD 4WD mode

Civil engineering adapters

PRO03175 LV civil engineering adapter | release A
Dim 2350 x 360

PRO03176 LV civil engineering adapter | release B
Dim 2350 x 180





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