Blog PSA Equipment accreditation

PSA Equipment accreditation
Capelec in the Equipment and Materials Peugeot Citroën DS Automobiles catalog.

Capelec multi-gas analysers, smokemeters and headlight beam testers are now part of the PSA Group's Equipment Selection.


PSA catalog

PSA headlamp tester

Expert headlight beam tester

Professional lighting monitoring
Lighting safety diagnosis
Multi zone use

Expert inspection of dipped-beam headlamps
Pre and post diagnosis report
Adaptive headlights compatibility (AFS)
Anywhere™ uneven ground compensation system

Technical data sheet


PSA smoke meter

Multi-gas analyser and smokemeter
Pre-inspection diagnosis
Expert and Free mode
Expert report
Checking vehicles conformity

Combined diesel and gazoline
Opacity measurement module
5 gaz analyzer (HC, CO, CO², O2 et NOx)
EOBD and RPM module

Technical data sheet



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