Heavy duty hydraulic play detector

HGV, Bus, LCV of more than 4 tons


Thanks to their reduced dimensions and adapters, the CAP9210 PEH play detector can be easily integrated into any configuration. In case of replacement, the commissioning is simplified and does not require any civil engineering modification.

Compliant with the new European regulation CDC 7A

  • Compatible with most civil engineering
  • Compact frame or replacement adapter
  • Flush to the slab galvanized steel plates
  • Wireless remote control
  • Compact hydraulic power pack | Highly flexible hoses

Wireless remote control

Fast implementation


HGV play detector

Plate dimensions : 800 x 690 mm

Frame dimensions : 212 x 550 x 600 mm

Maximum load per wheel : 10 tons (passage)

Maximum pressure : 150 bar

Force per plate : 30 KN

Movements : Longitudinal | Transversal | Diagonal

Cylinder stroke : 100 mm

Displacement speed : 70 mm/second

Remote control : Wireless with LED lamp

Motor : 4 kW, 3 phases +N +Earth 400v/50hz

Coating : Hot dipped galvanized steel

Compliance : Specifications 7A

The Capelec CAP9210 PEH hydraulic play detector come with a wireless remote control with lamp function.
Movement operations can be manual or automatic.

Installed on both sides of a pit, they allow a visual control without lifting the vehicle - steering, bearings, joints and various attachments control - and to highlight oil leaks and weaknesses of bellows and cardan joints.

The CAP9210 plates performs movements that aim to reproduce the forces exerted on the road.
It is compliant with the CDC 7A specifications - EU standard.

plaques à jeux PL

Heavy duty hydraulic play detector

Frame dimensions : 972 x 861 x 280 mm

Adapters dimensions : On request

Hoses : Thermoplastic or standard

Hoses length : 2,5 m and 6 m

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