Blog Real-e : the first onboard and connected real time gas analizer

Real-e : the first onboard and connected real time gas analizer


The result of many years of research conducted by IFP Énergies Nouvelles and Capelec teams, Real-E is revolutionizing pollution test.

Affordable and simple to implement, it checks the emissions’s conformity with existing standards.

Real-E is the first new-generation analyzer that does not require laboratory installations.  It is onboard and connected.

Located in the vehicle's trunk and connected to the EOBD plug, it records the itinerary and collects data in real time. It combines measurements of a multi-gas analyzer (CO, CO2, NOx, PN, NH3) with a detailed study of the itinerary and emissions.

Data are collected, transmitted, then analyzed and compared to reference values. It displays the results and compliance.

Real-E accurately measures the actual exhaust emissions of all vehicles, depending on traffic conditions, driving style and itinerary.


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Real-e : Premier analyseur d’émissions véhicules en conditions réelles embarqué et connecté



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