Blog Germany : On July the 1st, particle counting began at the AU

Germany : On July the 1st, particle counting began at the AU


Since July the 1ST, emissions testing of diesel vehicles in the Euro 6/VI emission classes in Germany has been based on counting the number of emitted particles.

New measurement delivers accurate results

Particle measurement is considered to be much more accurate. It allows precise quantification of particles in exhaust gases with a limit of 250,000 particles per cm3.

This new test is a real breakthrough for air quality control, as it will make the detection of defective Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) more efficient and pave the way to the cleanest possible vehicle fleet.

Particle measurement devices are now available

The rollout was postponed several times due to a lack of approved equipment at accredited inspection centers. Now the federal government considers the conditions to be in place, and according to equipment manufacturers and inspection centers, the introduction of PN measurement is proceeding smoothly.

Test centers, manufacturer-specific workshops and independent workshops are in the process of adapting to the new regulation by equipping themselves accordingly. Approximately 28,000 particle counters have been produced. It is estimated that more than 500,000 tests have been performed since July 1ST.


Abgastests von Dieselfahrzeuge  Partikelfiltern


A quick upgrade pays off


The head of diagnostics and emissions measurement at the ASA National Association, stresses the importance of this development for Euro 6 vehicles.

He states that for workshops that already use an exhaust gas measurement station, upgrading to PN measurement technology is worthwhile from around 100 tests per year. On average, a workshop performs 350 tests per year.


A new generation of measuring equipment comply with these requirements

After several years of research and specification in a European working group, Capelec has developed an innovative particulate counting cell adapted to both the needs of PTI and the world of repairs.

The Capelec CAP3070 Particle Counter is approved in the countries that already apply the new regulation, i.e. the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and now also Germany. The solution has proven itself many times over there.


Capelec PN counter PTB


The Capelec particle counter enables workshops and testing organizations to work productively and efficiently.

  • •    Reliable and fast measurement
  • •    Robust equipment and precision technology
  • •    Connection to existing equipment
  • •    Simplified maintenance
  • •    Cost effective and sustainable
  • •    Easy to operate.

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