Blog The fight against fine particle pollution, new health and environmental emergency

The fight against fine particle pollution, new health and environmental emergency


Air pollution by fine particles is responsible for one out of five deaths in the world.

Fine particles pose health problems because they penetrate deep into the lungs and the bloodstream. In the long term they can cause cardiovascular accidents, chronic respiratory diseases and lung cancer.

A recent american study reveals that mortality linked to particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers is twice as high as that given by official figures: nearly 8 Million deaths worldwide are due to particles emitted by wood heating, industry and road transport.

Also blamed by environmental authorities, they are transported over long distances and pollute water and soil. Their chemical composition is extremely dangerous for the ecosystem and influences the climate changes already underway.

particulate measurement

Towards a regulation of fine particle emissions

In urban areas, diesel engines are a major emitter (about 50%). Due to the failure of particulate filters installed on vehicles, particles less than 10 microns in diameter would be underestimated by a factor of up to 30.

To assess the dangerousness of the vehicle fleet, it must be supervised. Controls to measure gas and smoke emissions of motorists already exists, but the monitoring of fine particles is complicated by their size and by the evolution of pollution control technologies.

The Netherlands, wishing to move towards a car fleet as clean as possible, will be the first country in Europe to start mandatory particle measurement on July 2022, within the PTI. Its european neighbors, such as Belgium, Switzerland and Germany will soon follow. It will have to be carried out using high-performance and accessible equipment.

Capelec collaborates with the European authorities to develop a solution

After several years of research and specification within a European working group, Capelec has developed an innovative particle measurement cell.

As well adapted to the needs of Periodical Technical Inspection as to the world of Workshop, it opens a new field thanks to a new technology.

Specialized in emission control and measurement, Capelec designs and manufactures solutions aimed at reconciling road safety, mobility and respect for the environment.


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