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CAP3070 Particle Counter Key Features




Patented solution in order to bring smoke to the measurement chamber using Venturi effect, avoiding any clogging of the filtration and pump systems (vs Competition ar using pump to suck but the smoke flow is passing through filtration and pump systems with clogging risk. Cleaning action due to clogging are bringing recalibration process).

Capelec technology is offering laboratory technology for a price 10 times less and an improvement of 200 time regarding the maintenance requirement.

The measurement is done at idle speed, without the need for free acceleration, which is polluting, noisy and stressful for both the engines and the operators.

The procedure, in less than 30s, provides an unambiguous PASS/FAIL result on the state of the filters (in good condition, cracked, manipulated). The solution has a Volatile Particulate Remover : volatile particulate are removed from the particulate flow, so that the particulate flow has the same definition as the one used for vehicle approval.

High sample flow rate (6l/min) provides high measurement stability (CPC sampling flow is very weak , below 1l/min)

Bluetooth communication is secured and tampering proof. Various data protocols are available. Internal electronic heating is preventing any condensation risks.



Diffusion Charging (DC) measurement principle used by CAP3070 is :

  • Free of inflammable liquid (CPC technology is requiring isopropanol)
  • Free of consumable (CPC technology is requiring to refilling of the tank form time to time)
  • Insensitive to vibrations (CPC technology is sensitive to vibrations)
  • Position independent operation (CPC technology is sensitive to inclination)
  • No liquid contamination by spillage or leakage during transport

Capelec CAP3070 PN Counter

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    No dilution is required to cover the range (Due to the small range offered (0 to 50 000 #) by CPC technology dilution with ratio of 100 to 200 is required. But dilution is based on critical orifice use which due to the very small dimension of the hole used have a real weakness regarding clogging. A clogging of the critical orifice will impact the ratio and the error induced will be multiplied by the dilution ratio so 200 times.

    Capelec Diffusion charging technology is allowing to measure concentration up to 100 million of particulates.

    More over Diffusion Charging, Capelec is offering Extended Diffusion Charging ( Ext DC) by using a trap mechanism allowing the mean size measurement so that the final Number (concentration value ) is not an estimation but a real measurement obtained by Total surface (measured by DC) / mean size

    Capelec technology is offering very short response time. This response time is degraded by the use of a water trap to 2s but any how far below some competitors. Repeatability and precision are at the same level as PEMS equipment used for vehicle approval.

    Heating system all along the sampling line from tail pipe to measurement chamber is preventing water condensation, this device thus limits the losses induced by the capture of particles by water in liquid form. Presence of losses would have led to the need for compensation by a calibration to be redone from time to time depending on the loss rate.



    The combination of heating the tube wall to produce a particle repellent effect and the choice of material (antistatic PTFE) minimises deposition losses along the tube used to collect the smoke. No losses. No compensation/calibration required.

    No sharp corner along the sampling line is also a way to prevent soot deposit. This is the reason why the solenoid valve used for the zero test sequence if perpendicular to the sampling flow line so that the dirty smoke flow is not passing thought it. In addition to minimising deposit losses, this perpendicular connexion is allowing to flush the sampling line in the meantime the zero flow is provided to the measurement chamber.

    This is allowing also to process to the zero test sequence even if the sampling probe is already in the tailpipe, short timing that way the total procedure time.

    In addition to the Venturi effect use for bringing the smoke to the measurement chamber, additional internal mechanism are present in order to prevent any contamination drawback so that :

    • The over pressurising of the clean part of the PN sensor (electronic part including the smart electrometer) with the super clean air is a way to prevent any contamination with the smoke.
    • A self-cleaning mechanism is using a laminar flow of clean air along the pod providing the insulation required for the Faraday cup and the smart electrometer.

    Endurance tests with a dirty engine blowing 2 millions of particulates during a time equivalent to 20 000 vehicles tests (worst test without any flushing between vehicles tests) proved that the equipment is clogging free (no need of cleaning even after that stress).



    Availability of the calibration set is offering a very competitive solution on field verification and calibration even for non-qualified people:

    • 4 concentration values with the same particulates distribution ( GSD< 1.6), same particulates mean size, same flow
    • 20l/minute of particulates flow enough for 2 equipment and an excess
    • A quick setup time (< 5minutes) with 3 connexions.
    • No tuning required
    • The use of Capelec salty solution (produced under medical quality system) is offering a repeatable particulate flow.


    G. Petelet CAPELEC

    Georges Petelet  CAPELEC / GIEG
    chairs EGEA's WG 2 Emissions/OBD.


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