EOBD scantool

EOBD reader Capelec scanner
EOBD scantool reader Capelec
Lecteur OBD Capelec
Lecteur OBD Capelec

Passengers cars & HGV

The EOBD (European On Board Diagnosis) scantool CAP4250 is electronic module that detect engine faults and failures .

The CAP4250 connects to the EOBD socket and forward via the Bluetooth port directly to the exhaust emission control station (gas analyser, smokemeter and combined unit).

  • Easy operation
  • Access to ECU measurements (rpm, speed, temperature...)
  • Fast
  • Saved trouble codes
  • Transmission: Bluetooth or Wifi
  • OTC lan secure data

Petrol & diesel emission



Power supply 12 / 24 DC

Multi-protocoles Multi-protocoles : ISO 9141-2 5-Baud
ISO 9141-2 Fast
ISO/DIS 14230-4 (Keyword 2000) 5-Baud
ISO/DIS 14230-4 (Keyword 2000) Fast
ISO/DIS 11519-4 (SAE J1850) PWM
ISO/DIS 11519-4 (SAE J1850) VPW
ISO/DIS 15765-4 (CAN)
SAE J1939 (WWH)

EOBD scantool

PRO02386 Protective cover

CAP4120-ADI Printer connexion


OBD reader Reading ECU codes of PSV and HGV

PV N° 06/09215/B
PV N° 06/09216/B
PV N° 07/03451/B

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Capelec design and manufactures connected and DVSA approved equipments : gas analyser and smoke meter, EOBD readers, tachometer, brake testers, and headlamp beamsetters.



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